Hi! You've reached the homepage of Dennis Monbourquette, better known as FESTE.

The manic depressive says: I am unhappy.2

A bit about me: I am just a simple clown. =)

A bit more about me: I moved to Vancouver from Halifax, Nova Scotia many years ago (May 15th 1992 will live in infamy!), and I am not going back! Not soon, anyway, except for the occassional visit. Mostly I really don't like snow, which they have and Vancouver doesn't, generally.

A bit more again about me: I have a very strong interesting in science fiction, and have even attempted to write some of it myself. To see a small sample, and also my Tolkien Page, check out the other pages on here..

A bit more still about me: I work for an internet company doing technical support. If you aren't familiar with the Internet Help Desk, check out that link, you will get some idea. I get to deal with all the stupid people with all their stupid problems. If you have ever had occassion to call Tech Support, I of course did not mean you with the previous comment. When I first got the job I was given the name Techmonkey (which was a step up from being Smutmonkey, a name I earned working at a porn distributor). Now I have been upgraded to Webmonkey since I am in charge of maintaining a bunch of webpages. I had the name before he was in a comic, though!! To avoid taking from the webmonkey's fame, I am now known as the WebImp (short for Implimentor, apparently).

By the way, the one who gave me all these simian apellations is my coworker and good friend, Ken. He really is a decent guy, despite his total lack of creativity in the nickname department.


Feste's Hangouts:

The main newsgroup I read, among several silly ones (NTTAO1.), is Alt.1d. Lars Bacteriophage had a Wundee page! It has been gone a long time though, and so has he. I am too lazy to make one... But then I was too lazy to update any of my pages, too, and now I have done that. We shall see.

The main source of traffic there used to be test messages, because the group appears near the top of most people's .newsrc files. Then it was dominated by SPAM. Such is the net. However, the regular posters there have fun with the tests (oops, that should be t*sts), as well as with one another, and we make fun of the spammers. Now we are the main source of traffic, and it is a burgeoning community. I am not going to try and list all the regulars =).

Another hangout of mine is my group of friends in meatspace. The actual location we hang it out in is irrelevant, but we get together often. We play card games or board games or have LAN parties or take over restaurants or what-have-you. We all met online, on the chat part of a local BBS (which has become the internet company I now work for!), and we called ourselves the DarkSiders.

Actually, my place of employ is sort of a hangout too, now I think about it. The person who suggested I apply for the job is the very same who gave me all the nicknames that end in monkey. He and several others there are people who used to hang out in the chat area - DarkSiders. We have even had mini-LAN parties there, seeing as there is already a LAN in place. The little three- line BBS that it started as has grown, though. Soon it was a multi-line BBS with an Internet gateway, then it was an internet company that covered all of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland (suburbia, basically). Then there were multiple points of presence all over the province. Now we offer dialup and cable internet in several places, stretching most of the way across Canada with a location in the United States even (with more to come soon). Yet at the core of it all is the little BBS that started it all, MindLink! Who'da thunk it? It just growed.

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I hang out at home a lot too. And now I have a webcam (silly bugger, wot?). If you go to SpotLife.com you have a pretty good chance of seeing me live, you poor thing. =) That is, if the stupid software didn't completely lock Win2K.

Another place I have started letting it hang out is LiveJournal. See me post about what I have been up to lately, and what people think of the odd things I say. All in good fun =)

1 Not That There Are Others
2 Hey! A valid use for the <blink> tag!