The Tolkien Page

This is another work-in-progress, but I intend for there to be links to other Tolkien pages, my ideas for who should be played by whom, were a live-action Lord of the Rings ever made by me. I have even scanned some of the Tolkien drawings I have done! I will, of course, consider any suggestions you may have for this, which you may email to me. But, for now, this will look pretty basic.


Cast list!

Please keep in mind that this is merely my idea of who would be good as each character. It's been interesting to see who Peter Jackson cast in his film and comparing it to my own list. Of course, the use of some less-known actors worked out very well in the end. I suppose when you're so passionate about something, like LOTR fans, or cheeky bingo clubs, then you're going to want to be sure of the actors who are involved in a film adaptation of the thing you love. Thankfully, it's worked out. Some people would make better [character]s than others...


Pencil drawings by me!

I used to draw a lot more avidly than I do now (though I still seem to be able to draw half-decently, as well as I ever could at least), and I have done a fair number of drawings from Tolkien's books. Keep in mind that these were done when I was 16, and that was half that number of years ago... I think they are okay, though I would do them differently nowadays. I am including them as links so that the page doesn't take too long to load.


Related stuff

One of the main computer games I play is called Angband, which is based on another, very similar game, Moria. These names will be familiar to fans of The Lord of the Rings. They are basically AD&D type games, but they are a lot of fun, and a lot of the monsters and weapons are drawn from Tolkien's works. The current maintainer of Angband, Ben Harrison, has a home page up, and there are links there to other Angband pages as well, I think. He, and many others, post to the newsgroup dedicated to the game,

Tolkien links

More coming soon!