Feste's Toybox

I love to play, and consider having fun the only worthwhile ambition. So for me just about everything is a toy, in some form or other. However, I will just start with some simple things.

Like the cat I used to cohabitate with, Smoke:

Smoke was our owner. As everyone (especially any cat) knows, cats were once worshipped as gods in Egypt, and they feel that this situation was a desireable one. Getting him was really mapleleaf's idea, and she has a lot more about him (including more pictures) on her Smoke Page (if it is still there).

Being just a simple cat, he liked to play with just about anything, including things that mere humans can't see. But a human hand or foot would do as a play thing for a cat, and I liked to oblige him when I could =)

Unfortunately, Smoke died in 2000...

*A picture of the stuff on top of 
the monitor*

I have a whole bunch of things on the top of my monitor, as do many people (they do! I have seen them!). These are (from left to right) a clown tree ornament given to me by an ex-SO, a leopard figurine given to mapleleaf by a good friend of hers (who goes by the name Snowleopard. Go figure), and a rubber ducky named Squeaky that I gave to mapleleaf when she discovered that she had lost hers.

In the background of this picture you can see the bottom of a poster-sized thingie that I made, which is another way that I play. If I can I will scan a similar thingie (what the heck should I call them? They aren't drawings...) and stick it here. Or elsewhere. Who knows?

And of course computers and their associated cruft are wonderful toys, as well. Such as useless little web pages like the one you are currently perusing.

Lately, I have discovered an overweening fondness for sharp things.